Custom Components Create Superior Products

New cost-effective & compact solution for long service life & silent operation.

Crouzet reinforces its local expertise in Europe !

Quick prototyping and product customization from our certified CanDo Master Channel Partners.

Access Control Management

Our solutions for access control applications are characterized by low noise operation, innovative design and sophisticated safety concepts.

Drive Units for Railway Applications

High Reliability, Rugged Performance, Easy Maintenance

DCmind Soft+CANopen

Smart Software for motors with built-in CANopen fieldbus communication

Crouzet, Master of Technologies for Severe Environments

Crouzet DC Brush and Brushless Motors are designed to meet customers’ most demanding specifications for mission-critical application in severe environments.

Product Lines

DCmind Softwares

Simplified programming for DCmind Brushless SMi21

DCmind soft DCmind soft + CANopen

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