Crouzet Motors History

  • 1921: Crouzet first founded (general mechanical engineering)
  • 1939: The Crouzet private limited company is formed
  • 1955: Production of non-reversible synchronous motors
  • 1963: First “ovoid” gearboxes providing excellent reduction ratios combined with compact dimensions
  • 1970: Development of electromechanical servomotors dedicated to standard applications
  • 1986: Launch of high-speed brushless motor (35000 rpm) production
  • 1999: Development of electronic control cards for DC brushed and brushless motors
  • 2000: Crouzet Automatismes joins the Schneider Electric group
  • 2002: Gearboxes range completed with the right-angle gearboxes
  • 2003: Launch of all-in-one solution Motomate, brushless motor with integrated motor control card and the Millenium logic controller
  • 2006: Crouzet joins Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), a Business Unit incorporating Crouzet, Crydom, Kavlico, Newall, Systron Donner and the various divisions of BEI Sensors
  • 2013: Launch of DCmind Brush and Brushless
  • 2013: Construction of Crouzet Motors Expertise Center in Alès, France
  • 2013: DCmind Bruhs motor is named the Product of the year by Medical Design Briefs Magazine
  • 2015: DCmind Brushless motor is available with CANopen communication protocol
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