Co-engineering and Modern Design Tools

With a specialty in motors with high added value, Crouzet’ mastery of technology allows us to design and adapt products to meet customers’ most demanding specifications and maintain the highest level of expertise and competitiveness throughout the years.

Crouzet manufacturing sites


We rely on 3 R&D and Manufacturing sites worldwide:

    • Center of Motor Expertise in Alès, France
      This center covers the most demanding market requirements in terms of safety and reliability in severe applications: rail, industrial, medical, energy… It strengths lie on its capability to adapt products and to design customer-specific products, to serve prototyping, low-volume and also high-volume requests.
      The highly-experienced R&D team with its modern design tools works in close co-engineering cooperation with the customer to adapt or develop brushless and brush DC motors on the basis of a standard field-proven design.


    • Manufacturing Site in Casablanca, Morocco
      This manufacturing site allows Crouzet to fulfill efficiently the high volume requests of our customers. Crouzet has been present in Morocco since 1995 and recently extended its production and storage capacity in Casablanca.


  • R&D and Manufacturing center in Huizhou, China
    Crouzet provides support in Asia by developping and delivering solutions that fit local requirements.

Quality and sustainable development

To ensure the necessary quality, our production facilities in France and Morocco and test laboratories are equipped with advanced equipment to ensure production and inspection of all products. For over 20 years now, Crouzet has been committed to a quality policy that conforms to the strictest international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and eco-design.

Test laboratory

Our laboratories have facilities for testing all our products from design through to production. Whether this is done using simulation or real-life tests (electrical, mechanical life and environmental withstand), our products are validated, approved and monitored throughout the project development process.

Six Sigma Process Management

To help improve customer retention and satisfaction, Crouzet’s products comply with the highest quality standards to ensure fast and efficient deliveries.


Logistics teams are involved in all new projects from the outset and share a set of common goals:

  • Weekly and daily planning (forecasts)
  • Keeping close relationships with assigned departments
  • Just-in-time processes
  • Network of partnerships with our suppliers
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