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Custom Design Motors


A manufacturer of pumps presented recently Crouzet with the challenge of designing a cost-effective & low noise geared DC Brush motor

We have come up with a solution to combine the power of silence of our DCmind Brush Ø42 mm motors with a compact, tried and tested spur gearbox (GDR series). This new combination, available on demand, comes in addition to the existing catalog offering which includes a 42mm planetary gearbox.

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Solution benefits

  • Motor designed to be used in medical market (IEC 60601-1), office automation (IEC 60950), household appliances (IEC 60335)
  • Gearbox with a good efficiency rating of > 82%
  • Wide range of reduction ratios
  • Low noise level
  • Compact and cost-effective solution
  • Wide choice of options (front face mount, output shaft detail, bearing…)
  • Possibility to have a double or rear output shaft configuration

These geared motors are particularly adapted to peristaltic pumps or any applications requiring long service life and quiet operation.

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