DCmind soft

Simplified programming for DCmind Brushless SMi21

Dedicated to Motion Control applications, the user-friendly DCmind Soft allows for the precise configuration of the position, speed and torque of a DCmind Brushless SMi21 motor.

Free download DCmind Software *

DCmind soft is available here as free download, or can be supplied on a USB stick in the “starter kit”. Please contact us for more details.


Two programming modes

  • Application mode:
    • 1- Choose an application model
    • 2- Set only the parameters relating to your application. You can fine-tune these settings by calling the appropriate expert program.
  • Expert mode:
    • 1- Choose an expert program
    • 2- Configure all the motor functions (position, speed, acceleration, current, etc.).
      Programs are downloaded via the special bootloader function, and can be loaded simplified with a USB connection.
DCmind soft free download

The three videos linked below provide very simple and easy-to-follow explanations on how to control valves with DCmind brushless motor with integrated SMi21 electronics.

  • 4 positions valve
  • 30 positions valve
  • Analogic control 0/10V ou PWM



3 languages: English, French, German.
Operating system: XP family, XP pro, Vista, Windows 7.


Application programs:

Numerous programs are available, offering:

  • 65,000 proportional positions which can be selected by two 0/10V inputs
  • 30 independent positions which can be selected by digital encoding
  • A variety of outputs which can be selected to suit your requirements
  • The option of setting inverted inputs, selecting 0/10V or PWM operation on the analog inputs, and even setting their operating limit stops
  • The option of modifying the control loop PID parameters for difficult applications
  • Automatic detection of the reference position for position control (“homing” function)
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