Access Control

Our technological expertise in automation & motion control solutions enables to improve access control systems’ safety, security & maintenance. We provide programmable logic controllers, DC motors, gearboxes & software with dedicated to access control management programs.

Typical access control applications

Our automation & motion control solutions are successfully used in subways, parking structures, building/vehicle/passenger access, automatic and sliding doors in metro systems, trams, trains, bank airlocks, turnstiles, barriers and motorized traffic controls

Barrière automatique
Revolving door


Motion control solutions

Precision control and management achieved with sophisticated intelligence in motor software

DCmind Brush motors

  • › Exceptionally quiet: ≤ 35dBA
  • › 80% + efficiency
  • › 5000 to 24,000 hour service life
  • › UL 1004 / CE / ROHS
 Brush motor for passenger gate


DCmind Brushless motors

Motion control for automatic barrier


DCmind Soft: Motion Control with simplified programming for DCmind Brushless motors

  • Internal programs dedicated to Access Control
  •  Easy programming of speed, torque and position control
  • Auto learning stops / abutments
  • HMI development on demand
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