In the medical sector, products must offer superior accuracy, quality, reliability, easy maintenance and silent operation to ensure the well-being and safety of patients as well as reduce the risk of accidents. Crouzet offer high precision motors for:

  • Diagnostic equipment (radiology and MRI, scanners, fiberscopes, ultrasonographs, endoscopes, etc.)
  • Therapeutic equipment (endoscope and equipment washer-disinfectors, dosing pumps, electro-surgical fume evacuation systems, etc.)
  • Vital equipment (respirators and resuscitation ventilators, articulated suspension arms, oxygen extractors and concentrators, iron lungs, dialysis machines, etc.)
  • Laboratory equipment (blood collection monitor, specimen agitators, centrifuges, sterilizers, biological agent decontamination stations, analyzers, etc.)

crouzet motors medical equipment

crouzet motors diagnostic equipment

crouzet motors therapeutic equipment

crouzet motors vital equipment

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