External control electronics


BDE Pro is the High Performance motor drive with 4 quadrant operation and simple configurations tuned to get the most out of Crouzet.

BDE40 is designed for easy connecting with a leadscrew and to be able to absorb regenerative power during strong braking phases.

BDE30 is designed for mass production with quick connecting. Crouzet are provided with the female connectors when required.

rejected energy absorbingrejected energy-absorbingBDE 40 external drives BDE 30 external drives
Series BDE PRO BDE 40 BDE 30
Motors type supported Brush & Brushless motors Brushless motors Brushless motors
Power Supply 20-80 VDC 10-32 VDC 18-32 VDC
Maximum Current 25A 14A 10A
Continuous current 15A 10A 6A
Operation modes PWM, ±10V & Encoder velocity PWM or 10V PWM or 10V
Protection features Voltage, current, temperature and short-circuits protection Voltage, current and temperature Voltage, current and temperature
Suitable Motors Tuned for selected Crouzet and fits all of them Fits a limited range of Crouzet Fits a limited range of Crouzet
Adaptations Programs: Custom firmware as per customer specifications
rejected energy absorbingrejected energy absorbing

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