Access Control

The ongoing pursuit of public safety life is founded on reliable, high precision products that can detect, process, actuate and communicate all the information required for seamless machine operation. Crouzet has developed a range of electronics, motors, gearboxes and software dedicated to access control management.

With their low noise operation, high efficiency, long working life and large power range, our motors are suitable for many access control applications:

  • Automatic and sliding doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Rising bollards
  • Automatic barriers
  • Access ramps for disabled people

Barrière automatique
Revolving door


DCmind Brush motors

  • › Exceptionally quiet: ≤ 35dBA
  • › 80% + efficiency
  • › 5000 to 24,000 hour service life
  • › UL 1004 / CE / ROHS
 DCmind brush


DCmind Brushless motors



DCmind Soft: Motion Control with simplified programming for DCmind Brushless motors

  • Internal programs dedicated to Access Control
  •  Easy programming of speed, torque and position control
  • Auto learning stops / abutments
  • HMI development on demand
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